Expeditions in South America


Experience some of the most colourful landscapes around. With tropical rainforests, ancient hilltop cities, crystal clear mirror-like lakes and bubbling hot springs.

South America is home to the happiest people on earth, officially! It is also a place where you will find the most extensive array of wildlife. From armadillos to colourful birds, chattering monkeys to totally cool turtles, South America has so much to offer.

Meet with the indigenous people and learn about how you can help preserve and protect this amazing country. Immerse yourself in the culture and who knows, you may even receive some healing from a shaman.

Our South American adventures will take you to dizzying heights and have you exploring the deepest valleys. The only thing you need to decide is whether you are going to visit Ecuador, Peru or Costa Rica.


This South American adventure offers an extraordinary array of experiences. It is a land filled with volcanoes, rainforests, bustling street markets where you could encounter shamanic healers. Ecuador may be small, but it has a huge personality.

Submerge yourself in the vibrant culture of Quito, a city of 1.5 million people that is surrounded by the Andes. Quito is a city of two halves, perfectly blending old and the new Latin America. It is also the capital of the northern part of the Incan empire.

Next you set off to the Amazon Jungle where you will meet some of the locals and be immersed in their cultural community. These friendly locals are the perfect guides to help you navigate the jungle and to show you the exquisite delights of its flora and fauna within. Remember to keep quiet if you don’t want to scare away the unusual wildlife.

Then take a whale watching trip in the beautiful Puerto Lopez before going on a breathtaking white water rafting trip down the Rio Napo.

While there, why not take a unique trip to the Galapagos Islands and visit San Cristóbal’s semi wild tortoise reserve, or maybe visit El Junco which is the largest area of fresh water in the Galapagos. The Galapagos Islands are home to some of the most interesting and unusual wildlife including iguanas, reef sharks and the red billed tropic birds.

You could visit the Galapagos National Park and take part in some unique activities including snorkelling with the turtles, sea lions and other sea life off La Loberia Beach. Isabela Island in home to local lagoons and volcanoes you can hike. You could also visit the Charles Darwin Station on Santa Cruz and learn all about the wonderful conservation that is taking place in the area.

A real highlight of the trip happens on your first day when you wake up to the unique sights, smells and sounds of Quito. As Quito is at an altitude 2850 m, you may already begin to feel the effects of the mild altitude upon arrival. But get yourself out there and try the delectable local cuisine while adjusting to the highland climate. Mix with the local crowds in South America’s most historically preserved ‘old’ town, a UNESCO Heritage Site and then go on to explore the new town with its more modern cultural feel.

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